Colorado Elk Season – Colorado Elk Season Complete Info Guide 2022

The First and Second Colorado Elk Seasons Open For Hunting: This year, the first and second Colorado elk seasons are open for hunting. This year, the Colorado Division of Wildlife issued more antlerless elk licenses than in the past two years. It was the second-highest number of antlerless permits in the division’s history. The Colorado elk population remains stable, and the division is close to its goal of maintaining a population that meets its needs.

Changes to the 1st and 2nd seasons of the Colorado elk season

There will be a nine-day gap between the first and second rifle elk seasons in 2020. The first rifle season will continue to open on the first Saturday after October 9, while the second rifle season will begin the day after. The three-day archery season will continue to be available but five days shorter than the current rules. In addition, the second season will be open on the first Saturday of October, rather than a Friday.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) elk hunting is a growing problem in Colorado. There are nearly ninety thousand OTC elk tags available in the state. While non-resident archery hunters have more than doubled since 2002, resident archery hunters have given up hunting elk because of poor results and excessive pressure.

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Colorado Elk Season
Colorado Elk Season

Rotating opening date

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife have changed the structure of the elk hunting seasons for 2020, 2021, and 2022. The first rifle season is still a five-day hunt, and the second rifle season will be a nine-day hunt. The new dates will be in October instead of November, and the 3rd rifle season will open on a Wednesday. The new dates will also impact the chances of getting a velvet mule deer.

The elk seasons in Colorado are divided into game management units. The season runs from October 29 through November 2, 2022. Each game management unit is responsible for setting the opening date. For more information, visit the Colorado Outdoors Magazine’s 2020 Annual Preference Point Issue web page. This publication also provides raw data and easy-to-read preference point lists. The results are expected to be published by March, so check them out.

Antlerless elk licenses are available.

If you are looking to take advantage of Colorado’s elk season, you will want to know about antlerless elk licenses. This season is open to hunters who have not obtained antler licenses in previous seasons. You can get these licenses from any licensed agent. In addition, these licenses are not limited to elk only.

The dates and locations for the 2018-19 Colorado elk seasons are also posted on the state’s website. Non-residents and residents can purchase these licenses over the counter. There are two OTC archery seasons and three OTC rifle seasons. Hunters who possess an OTC archery tag can hunt on 137 of the state’s 184 elk units. The dates listed on the website are accurate as of the publication date.

Impact of chronic wasting disease on elk herds

While the prevalence of CWD in the statewide elk population remains low, a higher incidence of the disease has been observed in some people. Infected yearling elk are more common than expected in some areas. At the same time, infection levels are lower in other regions—the geographic patterns of high infection levels in elk and deer overlap. However, in areas with high levels of elk and deer, the impact may be more significant.

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is an infectious, fatal neurological disease that infects deer, elk, and moose. Colorado Parks and Wildlife has worked to identify the source of the infection and is preparing to respond to it. The disease has killed more than 3 million elk in the past decade, and moose are transmitted through direct or indirect contact between animals. The condition is not transmissible to humans and is a global threat to Colorado’s wildlife.

Colorado Elk Season
Colorado Elk Season

The weather during elk season

During the colder months, the weather in the Rockies can be harsh and unpredictable. Although elk can survive temperatures below zero, prolonged cold spells can cause them to move. If temperatures drop to -20 degrees Fahrenheit or below, elk will likely seek shelter in wooded areas and shaded hideouts. Elk are most active during dawn and dusk when it is easiest to spot them. Elk can also sense changes in barometric pressure. Hence, if storms approach and air pressure drop, elk activity increases.

The first rifle season in Colorado is generally mild, but a few cold days may lead to snowstorms. In addition, the elk will be high in timber cover, making it difficult to find them. However, a biologist from the Gunnison Basin noted that the drought has not been as severe in his area as elsewhere in Colorado, so it’s good to stick with your usual strategies.

Colorado Elk Season 2022-2023

There are a few things that you should know about the upcoming Colorado elk season 2022-2023. The weather will likely be cold, putting the bachelor herd out in the open to feed late into the day and before dark. Then again, this is the same time of year that the rut takes place, so you can take advantage of this by glassing the area and hunting elk on private land.

The first thing to remember about the upcoming Colorado elk season is approaching the draw dates. On March 1, 2022, Colorado Parks and Wildlife will begin accepting applications for the primary draw. Once you have applied, you should be prepared for the interest. It is a great time to buy a license, which will cost you around $100. However, if you’re not ready, the process can be stressful.

Colorado Elk Season
Colorado Elk Season

It’s important to remember that you need a federal hunting permit to hunt elk. Each ticket is issued to a single person. Therefore, a license issued to one person is valid for only that individual. The same goes for any other type of permit. You have to carry the right with you while exercising the hunting provisions. You must also present the license to law enforcement officers upon request. You should also know that federal hunting permits are not transferable and cannot be sold, bartered, or traded. If they are altered, they become invalid.

While the primary draw is the main draw for the Colorado elk season, the secondary appeal is a second chance for hunters to score an elk. While the draw date and preference points will change every year, you can use them to determine your options for a successful hunt. It’s important to remember that if you’re hunting during the draw, you must dress in fluorescent orange or pink apparel, or else you’ll stand a high risk of being spotted by elk.

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Seek the advice of other hunters who have previously hunted in your section. Dates for the Hunt in 2022 Colorado Hunting Elk with Rifle October 1-11 Colorado Rifle Elk Hunting Season Opens October 15-19, 2015 Colorado October 29-November 6 is the Second Rifle Elk Hunt. Colorado November 12-18 is the third Rifle Elk Hunt.

Elk tags can be purchased over the counter (OTC) or through the lottery tag system, depending on your preference. Residents pay $57.90 for bull and cow elk tags, while non-residents pay $700.98 and $526.17 for their titles (prices are subject to change annually).

A small game license costs $50.37, while an Antlered Bull Elk tag costs $30.11, depending on whether you want a Sex Elk tag or a cow/calf tag (Antlerless). A Resident Youth tag costs $1.26 for a small game and $15.68 for an elk tag for the first year. A $10.13 habitat stamp is also required for residents aged 18 to 64. On August 1st, these OTC tags will go on sale.

The elk hunting in Units 1 and 201 in the northwest corner of Colorado is legendary. Big bulls can be found in abundance in this area of the state. For those with preference points, this area consistently produces B&C elk ranging in size from 330" to 380".

As of August 31st or September 4th, archery season is open to the general public for the entire month. The archery season overlaps with the muzzleloader season, which, in my opinion, is the best time to hunt elk in the state of Colorado (September 8th to the 16th this year).

You cannot have a backup sidearm while hunting. While hunting, you may want to have a handgun on hand for self-defense, but that should be your only concern.

OTC (Over-the-Counter) Permits Some elk, pronghorn, and bear hunting licenses don't require entry into a drawing and aren't limited in number (unlimited). The Big Game brochure has more information on over-the-counter permits.

The largest elk herd in North America can be found in the northwest Colorado region, including Grand County and Middle Park. The largest mule deer population in the United States can be found in this same state region.

Non-resident hunters are required to have a special license. You may need to obtain additional authorizations and permits. You must purchase the Habitat Stamp for non-residents aged 18-64 to buy or apply for a hunting license. The license year only requires one stamp.

The season for Elk Hunting In-state hunters must have a Colorado Hunter Safety Card and the appropriate tag. In 2019, archery, muzzleloading, and rifle elk hunting seasons are available. The gun comes in third after archery and muzzleloading.

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