Hunting Island State Park Camping – 5 Essential Facts For Hunting Island State Park Camping

Hunting Island State Park Camping: If you’re looking for an excellent spot for camping in South Carolina, you might check out Hunting Island State Park. This 5,000-acre island is between Fripp Island and Harbor Island, 15 miles east of Beaufort, South Carolina. It has been classified as a state park since 1935, so you’ll have plenty to do while you’re here. You can choose between 126 campsites and one cabin, and there’s also a lighthouse and one place.

Hunting Island State Park Camping – 126 campsites

Hunting Island State Park offers 126 campgrounds. There are also cabins and Day-Use facilities for your convenience. The campground is a great place to spend your day. The state park is 15 miles from the ocean, and you’ll enjoy the sunrise on the beach or take a stroll along the trails. The state park is open daily, except on State Holidays. You can reserve multiple campsites and make name and facility changes for free.

Hunting Island Lighthouse – 9 Reasons to Be Addicted to Hunting Island Lighthouse

You can make reservations online at the website, which offers camping near the beach. You can select multiple campsites and view their rates. The fee for each camp varies depending on its location, season, and amenities. You must provide a valid permit and reservation number to make a reservation. Camping on the island requires a license from the state park, which can be purchased online. You may even book cabins and other accommodations at Hunting Island State Park.

One cabin

In early October 2007, a tropical storm wreaked havoc on the state park’s beaches, washing away several cabins that had served as prime vacation rentals. Today, only one of those cabins remains in operation, as all others were washed away by erosion. Now, the state wants to rebuild the island and build new cabins to replace those lost. But that could make the state park’s beach even less accessible.

Located near the beach and the state park’s lighthouse, Hunting Island is a scenic place for a vacation. The island features hundreds of species of birds, so don’t forget your binoculars! Guests can rent a cabin that sleeps up to six people, and it has a picnic table and grill outside. Inside, it’s just as well-equipped as the outside. To book a Hunting Island cabin, visit the park’s website. Camping is also available on the island, right next to the beach. And there are even hot showers.

Hunting-Island State Park Camping
Hunting Island State Park Camping

9.45 miles of wooded and rocky beach

Hunting Island State Park is a perfect destination for a relaxing beach vacation. It is located in Saint Helena Sound and offers 9.45 miles of wooded and rocky beaches and several hiking trails. The beach is a pristine, natural habitat for migratory and shorebird species. Because of this, some areas of the island are closed to visitors. Guests are encouraged to follow signs and keep their pets on a leash to protect the wildlife. Hunting Island’s wooded and rocky beaches are also essential nesting grounds for loggerhead sea turtles during summer.

The beach at Hunting Island is home to the historic Hunting Island Lighthouse. Climbers can view the Atlantic Ocean and maritime forest from the lighthouse’s 167-step stairway. The lighthouse is open to the public year-round, except for Christmas day and in case of inclement weather. The trail is moderately strenuous and has a few challenging spots.

Hunting Island State Park Camping – Lighthouse

When staying in a campground near a beach, you can visit the hunting island state park camping lighthouse. The lighthouse is the only one in South Carolina open to the public. Campers can climb the 167 steps to the top of the lighthouse for spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. Kids may think the light is playing peek-a-boo with them. While camping in South Carolina, make sure to bring your camera!

Birders will enjoy the area’s numerous species of birds, including pelicans and egrets. You can also spot herons, ibises, oystercatchers, and terns. You may even see a wood stork in the forested areas near the campground. The openness of the site makes it ideal for stargazing. In winter, watch for loons and egrets.

Make Camping Reservations for Hunting Island State Park

You can make reservations for your campsite or cabin at Hunting Island State Park to plan your next getaway. Camping is available for all types of visitors, including groups, so you’ll find plenty of options to fit your needs. Hunting Island features 100 campgrounds near the Atlantic Ocean. While most campgrounds require a two-night stay, some locations may require a more extended stay. Check out their website for more information about camping at Hunting Island State Park.

Before booking a campsite, make sure to check the park’s hours. Hours are usually 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., but during Daylight Savings Time, hours are extended to 9 p.m. Alcohol and fireworks are not allowed. Additionally, you can’t feed or approach wildlife. Use a designated fire ring when cooking outside of your campsite. The campground also offers wifi throughout.

There are two campgrounds located near the beach, with one featuring individual water and electrical hookups. RVs with up to 40 feet are welcome, as are tents with no power. Walk-in tent sites near the beach have picnic tables and fire rings. The fee for these sites is about $280 per night. You can also rent a cabin within the park, steps away from the ocean.

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Hunting Island State Park Campground

You’ll find Hunting Island State Park Campground on a gorgeous semi-tropical barrier island. Out of the 126 campsites there, 102 are equipped with water and electrical hookups (20, 30 & 50 amp). Camping tents, trailers, and recreational vehicles are all welcome at these locations (28 to 48 feet). The park also features cottages, primitive group camping, and tent-only sites (RT1–RT25). Every tent site is furnished with its picnic table, fire pit, and barbecue. The facilities at the campground include a camp store, a dump station, water faucets, and hot showers.

In addition to a nature center, a fishing pier, a boat ramp, a picnic area, a playground, and 10 miles of hiking trails, the park also features a visitor center, gift shop, grocery store, and more. There is also free wifi available.

Please note that all of the pictures of the campground were taken after Hurricane Irma was over (in October 2019).

Area Recreation at Hunting Island State Park
The park is home to both terrestrial and aquatic species. Beautiful beaches stretch for five miles, and there are hundreds of acres of marsh and marine woodland to discover. You can also climb the 130-foot-tall Hunting Island Lighthouse for a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding forest and beach. From December through February, horseback riding is permitted on the beach.

A second choice is Edisto Beach, State Park. Located on the ocean 83 miles distant, it features 228 camping spaces.

Pre-Plan Your Trip to Hunting Island State Park

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IceLifeguards, Center for Nature and the Environment, Phone Card, Allowing Pets, Recreational Furniture, Including Picnic Tables, The Ranger Outpost, Rentals, RV Service Connections, RV Equipment, Showers
Snack Shop, Marine Supply Store Convention Center for Guests, wifi
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People also ask - FAQ

Ten campers are included in the $80 nightly rate. Each additional person results in an $8 increase in the price. Taxes are not included in any of the listed prices. Each site can hold no more than 30 people.

With 100 campsites, Hunting Island State Park provides amenities such as a playground, shower/toilet facilities, beach walkways, etc. Camping reservations at Hunting Island State Park must be made for at least two nights. On the beaches of South Carolina, you'll find even more great state parks!

Is Hunting Island State Park's Wi-Fi accessible? Complimentary wi-fi is available at the campground store, the park visitor center, and the lighthouse gift shop. Additionally, it is accessible throughout the campground.

Hunting Island State Park boasts one of Florida's most beautiful beaches for visitors to enjoy. On a beach that extends over three miles, you can go fishing, swimming, or boating. Swimming is at your own risk because there are no lifeguards on this beach.

When the clocks go forward an hour for Daylight Savings Time, the park's hours are extended to 9:00 p.m.

No alcohol, fireworks, or explosives are allowed in the park. Wildlife should not be approached or fed. Camping fire rings must be used to keep the flames under control. The beach and camping area are pet-friendly, but the buildings are not.

The price of admission to Hunting Island has risen from $5 to $8, a $3 increase. It will cost $5 for senior citizens, up from $3.25, and $4 for youths aged 6 to 15 years old, up from $3 currently. Children under the age of five are admitted free of charge.

Park hours at Hunting Island Beach Park To attend, visitors must pay $5 for adults, $3.25 for seniors, $3 for children ages 6-15, and free for children under the age of 5.

Hunting Island beach will now be open from 10 am to 7 pm every day. Both the North and South parking lots' bathhouses will be available. The Park Office, Nature Center, and Visitors Center will be closed. The gift shop/convenience store next to the Lighthouse will not be open during this period.

This state park is known as Hunting Island. Hunting Island's beach is dog-friendly year-round and at all day hours. According to the rules, a person holding a leash of no more than six feet in length is required to be in control of their pet.

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