Louisiana Hunting Seasons – Louisiana Hunting Seasons 2022 Full Guide

Louisiana Hunting Seasons: You must know Louisiana’s hunting seasons if you want to hunt for a particular game animal. These seasons can vary annually based on the game animal. They may also vary depending on region, Wildlife Management Unit, and firearms used. Archery and primitive firearms are often categorized into different seasons. Here, you can learn the dates and times of duck, goose, rabbit, quail, and pig seasons. You should also know when the season for doves, turkeys, and squirrels is.

Louisiana Hunting Seasons: Dove seasons in Louisiana

Dove hunting seasons in Louisiana are organized according to north and south zones. Seasons run from early-mid September to late January, with regulations varying by species. Also available for hunting are squirrels. Squirrel hunting in Louisiana is legal between Sept. 16 and Nov. 11. You must follow the season dates and regulations to enjoy the best hunting opportunities. Here are some tips for getting the most out of the Louisiana dove hunting seasons:

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Dove hunting season in Louisiana began last Saturday, and so far, game wardens have issued 78 citations statewide. Bossier Parish reported three sources. In addition, hunters in Caddo Parish and Lecompte parishes have been cited for illegally hunting Ringed Turtle doves. Dove hunting seasons in Louisiana are split into three sections. Permits are required. The bag limit for doves is fifteen per day, and the possession limit is 45.

Louisiana Hunting Seasons: Turkey seasons in Louisiana

There are limited public hunting areas for turkey in Louisiana. For this reason, hunters must take a lifetime hunting license. It will provide them access to the public land and its hunting seasons. Louisiana also has several Wildlife Management Areas where they can hunt turkeys. Turkeys prefer areas that have densely forested habitats and are close to cover. The LDWF recommends tracking in densely forested areas with plenty of covers.

The first time you can hunt turkey in Louisiana is in the second week of April. Gobbling activity increases before hunting season. You can also track on private property if you purchase a self-clearing permit for the property you’re hunting. The bag limit per day is two, but you can take up to five if you’re a member of a hunter safety club. Youth hunters are also restricted to certain times of the year, so it is important to research when to hunt in Louisiana.

Louisiana Hunting Seasons:  Quail seasons in Louisiana

If you’re looking for the best way to enjoy a quail season in Louisiana, you’ll first need to know the rules. Quail is a legal game animal in the state, but there are special seasons for turkey, coots, and organs. The state’s quail seasons last from October 1 to April 30. During these seasons, hunters can hunt pen-raised quail at game preserves. Quail have been drastically reduced from the landscape of Louisiana’s wild areas due to changing farming practices and increased pressure from predators. In addition, many landowners have started planting pines in open fields to keep quail from nesting in their nests.

In addition to quail, athletes in Louisiana may also hunt gray and fox squirrels. Both species are considered game animals in Louisiana, but gray squirrels prefer denser mixed canopy habitats and are more common in creek bottoms, hardwood drains, and cypress-tupelo swamps. The fox squirrel, on the other hand, prefers open country. While gray squirrels are plentiful in Louisiana, fox squirrels prefer open fields.

Louisiana Hunting Seasons: Squirrel seasons in Louisiana

The state’s spring and fall hunting seasons are ideal for harvesting Louisiana’s native rodents. The Cajun community is particularly well-suited to squirrel hunting, with a long history dating back to the 1760s. This community is comprised of descendants of French-speaking Catholics who were forced to leave Acadia, a former French colony in Nova Scotia. The Cajuns migrated to Louisiana with little else to sustain themselves. Wildlife was a boon to their families, supporting them and their culture.

When the season opens in Louisiana, check for any restrictions. Certain areas are closed to hunting during certain times of the year. However, if you are an experienced hunter, you can take up hunting quail and rabbit for an introduction to the sport. You can even keep squirrels as pets in Louisiana. During certain seasons, you may even photograph them in their natural habitats. Remember that Louisiana squirrel hunting seasons are just that: seasons.

louisiana hunting seasons
Louisiana hunting seasons

Louisiana Hunting Season – Area 2

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries manages the state’s hunting seasons. If you’re a hunter, you should know where you can go and what to do to get into the area. There are two areas to choose from – north and south. These are typically open in mid-September and close in late January. Each dove species has its regulations, so check the rules for your local area to determine when they’re available and when they close.

The Kisatchie National Forest has particular regulations. You must wear a Hunter Orange or Blaze Pink hunting cap in the Kisatchie National Forest. The Caney, Corney, and Middlefork tracts in Kisatchie are similar to Area 2 but only allow deer hunting. While hunting, you must have the tag on your person at all times. It also has to be attached to the deer you shoot. You must wear the title until it’s time to transport it or put it in a cold storage facility.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries manages more than 1.6 million acres of public land. Many are open to the public for hunting. These lands are home to various habitats, ecosystems, and game species. You may also be able to take some of these animals on private property. Remember to observe all state regulations and respect the rights of the landowners. There’s no shortage of ways to get into a Louisiana Hunting season.


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Quick Guide to Hunting Seasons November 20 - December 5 and December 18 - January 30 are the regular seasons. November 13 and February 5 are reserved for youth and veterans.

Deer Seasons in Louisiana The Primitive / Muzzleloader season begins on October 9, 2021, and ends on January 31, 2022.

To hunt on land controlled by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, you'll need a WMA Permit. Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs), as well as habitat and conservation areas, are included. Hunters between the ages of 18 and 59 must have a license available to both citizens and non-residents.

EXCEPT when a Bucks Only season is in effect, EXCEPT on the Floy Ward McElroy WMA, and EXCEPT on select Federal Lands where the daily restriction is one deer per day (see specific Federal Lands Regulations for details).

They may be shot at night from the last day of February to the last day of August. All lights, infrared or laser sights, night vision equipment, and firearm sound suppressors are permitted.

A: Baiting deer and hogs are lawful in Louisiana, except on WMAs. Baiting may also be prohibited in national parks and wildlife refuges. Before baiting these locations, check with the local authorities.

White-tailed deer are Louisiana's most abundant and sustainable game animal and the most popular target for hunters. White-tailed deer can be found all around the state, including in some coastal areas.

While hunting, hunters must have their licenses (or license numbers) and a physical form of identification on them. No anyone born on or after September 1, 1969, may hunt unaccompanied unless they have received a certificate from LDWF certifying successful completion of a Hunter Education course.

After being fully licensed and approved, each hunter will obtain three antlerless deer tags and three antlered deer tags. You must tag the animal before removing the carcass from your hunting site.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) is implementing a feeding and carcass export prohibition on deer in Tensas, Franklin, and Madison parishes, in compliance with a Declaration of Emergency order issued by the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission (LWFC).

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