Maine Hunting Season: 2022-2023 Maine Hunting Season Guide

Maine Hunting Seasons: The state of Maine has six different game bird and mammal seasons, which start on Oct. 1 and end on March 31. For falconry, the gray squirrel season is extended until Feb. 28. On Vinalhaven Island, the snowshoe hare season is shorter. This year, the hare season runs from Oct. 29 to Dec. 31. And, of course, there’s also a fall turkey hunting season.

Maine’s new hunting silencer law

Purchasing a hunting silencer is now legal in Maine. Silencers are devices that lower the sound of a firearm, such as a rifle, shotgun, or pistol. Silencers are often referred to as suppressors, and they are attached to any gun to muffle the noise and protect the hearing. Silencers are now legal in Maine for several reasons. Here is a look at the benefits of owning a silencer and how to purchase one legally.

The law was introduced by Senate Majority Leader Garrett Mason, a Republican from Lisbon Falls. While Maine is gradually liberalizing its gun laws, the new hunting silencer law may be one of the most significant steps to ensure that Maine hunters enjoy their favorite pastime without worrying about hearing damage. Several states have passed similar legislation in recent years, but only Maine requires a permit for a hunting silencer. In addition to the new hunting silencer law, the state recently became the sixth state to allow concealed carry without a license.

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Maine’s fall deer hunting season

Maine’s fall deer hunting season begins Saturday. Residents may hunt on Saturday, while hunters outside the state can start hunting the next day on Monday. A long day in a deer stand or stint in a ground blind can put you on the right track for a buck. And the chances of a bumper harvest this year are good. Last year’s crop of 33,157 deer was the highest in eighteen years, according to Nathan Bieber, deer biologist with the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

State wildlife officials plan to change Maine’s deer permits to encourage hunters to take more does, which are crucial for the state’s declining whitetail population. They are also looking at ways to increase the use of any-deer permits, like limiting the number of deer hunters can take in one day. While this may sound like a good idea, in theory, the any-deer permit system has had mixed results, with hunters only filling 14.020 permits from it last fall.

maine hunting season
Maine hunting season

Maine’s fall turkey hunting season

While the fall turkey hunting season in Maine is not yet open, it is expected to start around May 1st and end sometime in early June. The mornings are cool in Maine, but the afternoons can be warm. This means that hunting is best for early-season turkeys. But if you don’t plan on hunting turkeys until the fall, you should still register and check out the regulations in advance. Listed below are some of the essential things to know about the season.

The first week of Maine’s fall turkey hunting season is the best time to go hunting since the birds are not pressured by hunters yet. After this, the turkeys will have gotten accustomed to the hunter and get smarter. Try to find pockets of less pressured land in southern Maine to avoid this. These areas often have less competition for turkeys, and hunting them in this period is more enjoyable.

Maine’s moose hunting season

The moose hunting season in Maine begins Monday, and certain wildlife management districts are open to moose hunters. According to the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Department, 4,030 moose hunting permits were issued this year, increasing 952 over last year. Of that number, 550 were given for the Adaptive Moose Hunt. However, wildlife managers are not worried about the slow hunt this year.

Maine Hunting Season
Maine Hunting Season

A limited number of moose hunting permits are distributed each year through a lottery. Permits are granted to qualified applicants based on the area of the state. Hunting regulations differ by zone, so make sure to read up on the rules for your site. For instance, you may only hunt male or female moose and antlerless moose. Moreover, there is a state limit of one moose per hunting permit, and many hunters have been reported for violating this rule.

Bird hunting season in Maine

If you enjoy hunting birds, then the bird hunting season in Maine is for you. The season begins the last Saturday in September and goes until March 2021. The state’s ruffed grouse season falls during this same time, and the bobwhite quail season is right around the corner. These quail, leftover from dog training and hunting preserves, are abundant in southern Maine. These birds can keep hunters entertained well beyond other seasons.

Maine also has special youth waterfowl hunts. These hunts allow youth to hunt all types of ducks, including long-tailed, scoters, and eiders. It is also legal to use electronic calls to attract birds. Woodcock and snipe are migratory game birds, and you don’t need a stamp to hunt them. While you can’t hunt crows, you can track other migratory game birds like Rails, Woodcock, and Snipe.

You may also enjoy the state’s deer, moose, and bear seasons if you enjoy hunting. These species are plentiful in Maine’s remote forests and fields. Maine residents and nonresidents alike can purchase a license and apply online. Once you’ve registered, you can print out your consent, which you can use to hunt. Some hunting seasons require a permit, and many license lottery systems are online.

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People also ask - FAQ

The killing of domestic animals is a common practice. Anyone who shoots, wounds, or kills a domestic animal or bird while on a hunting trip is breaking the law.

When it comes to hunting, a Maine resident landowner and his or her immediate family members are exempt from a license if the land they own and live on is more than 10 acres in size and used solely for agricultural purposes.

Except for raccoons, it is illegal to hunt wild animals from half an hour after sunset until half an hour before sunrise. All deer hunting must stop at sunset during the open firearm season, except for raccoon hunting.

Fossils of elk have been found in shell piles in Maine and at archaeological sites in Rhode Island, but the exact range and population of elk in the Northeast are unknown. In Vermont and New Hampshire, elk antlers have been found in bogs and a pond.

Between October 1 and the end of the firearms deer season, anyone hunting with a firearm must wear hunter orange clothing. More recently, there has been a significant decrease in hunting-related arrests and convictions in the state.

Laws governing the possession and use of firearms If the magazine has been permanently altered to hold no more than 5 cartridges, an auto-loading firearm (a firearm that reloads itself after each shot and requires a separate trigger pull for each shot) with a magazine capacity of more than 5 cartridges (plus 1 in the chamber) is prohibited.

11 states in the United States still prohibit hunting on Sunday, according to the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action. Sunday hunting is currently prohibited in Maine and Massachusetts, the only two states that do not allow it at all.

When it comes to gaining access to private property, there are written rules and unwritten rules. The law - Unlike most states, Maine operates under an implied permission structure, which means that land is legal to use if it is not posted.

The Stand Your Ground law in Maine is an example of this. Since the state of Maine does not have a "stand your ground" law, a person must flee before using force in self-defense.

Yes, if you have a small license for a game. Are coyotes in Maine restricted to a particular time of year? There is no off-season here. From December 16th through August 31st, there is a night hunt.

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