Ohio Hunting Seasons Dates 2022

Ohio Hunting Seasons Dates 2022-23: If you are a hunter, you need to know the dates of the Ohio hunting seasons. It would help if you were licensed and understood the regulations of each season. It would help if you also saw the bag limit and the Ohio hunting rules. In addition, you need to know what to wear when hunting in Ohio.

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Fall wild turkey season in Ohio will be shorter by 15 days

The Ohio Wildlife Council recently approved fall rough turkey hunting season changes. Beginning October 8 this year, the season will be faster than last year by 15 days. It will last 37 days, instead of the 45 days that it lasted this year. A limit of one wild turkey of either sex will be allowed during the season.

The shortening of the season is expected to impact recruitment and numbers. Some areas are expected to have lower turkey numbers than others. Those areas may have experienced a poor breeding season for two years.

White-tailed deer season in Ohio will be similar to last year.

In 2021-22, Ohio will have a similar white-tailed deer hunting season as last year. Hunting hours will be from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset, and county bag limits will remain the same as last year. During the 2021-22 season, hunters can harvest one antlered deer if they are within the county’s antlerless deer bag limit. The 2021-22 season will include both archery and gun deer hunts.

While the season dates are similar to last year, the number of nonresident applications increased. Almost 30 percent of the available tags were awarded to nonresident hunters. It could result in unexpected openings this year. If you have received a title, contact a hunting outfitter or service to ensure you can get out in the woods during hunting season.

Youth deer gun season is open in established disease surveillance areas.

Beginning in 2022, the Youth deer gun season will be open in established disease surveillance areas in Ohio. This season will run from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset. Hunters can use muzzleloading shotguns or firearms with percussion ignition, open sights, or flint-lock ignition to hunt deer. Hunting licenses must be carried, the deer must be claimed as one’s own, and the hunters must telecheck the deer using their social security number.

Youth deer gun season in Ohio is open to hunters at least 16 years of age. ODNR’s Division of Wildlife regulates the population of deer to ensure a balanced and sustainable population. It works to maximize recreational opportunities while minimizing conflicts with motorists and other wildlife.

Antlerless deer season is open from September 25, 2021, to February 6, 2022

Antlerless deer season is a relatively new hunt in Ohio. Beginning September 25, 2021, it will be open to hunters with deer management permits. They can use their tickets to hunt any deer within the bag limit set by the county. Antlerless deer are deer without antlers or with deer antlers measuring less than three inches in length.

Antlerless deer season in Ohio is only available on open public land. Hunting hours are from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset. After a deer is killed, hunters must submit the kill to game officials. A person can only kill one antlered deer during the 2021-22 season, but the deer must have at least one antler measuring three inches or less.

Antlerless deer may be taken from all public hunting areas

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has announced that youth and apprentice hunters may be allowed to take antlerless deer this fall. The new regulations will apply to private and Department-owned lands west of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In addition to the new hunting regulations, special restrictions will apply to the use of certain firearms.

Deer management permits will be issued for all 88 counties in Ohio for the fall and winter seasons starting September 25, 2020. These permits may not be used for public hunting areas or controlled hunts. The new rules apply to antlerless deer that are less than three inches long and don’t have antlers.

Ohio Hunting Seasons Dates
Ohio Hunting Seasons Dates


Hunting in Ohio

If you’re interested in hunting game animals in Ohio, you must have a hunting license. There are several different licenses, depending on the type of game you’re hunting. A hunting license is required for deer, turkey, and other game animals. There are exceptions, too, so check the Ohio hunting license laws to find out what you need to do before you go hunting.

The state of Ohio has a variety of public lands that you can hunt on. These public lands are owned by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and encompass hundreds of thousands of acres of natural areas. Ohio’s DNR has an online map where you can view and download public hunting areas.

The state has a limited number of hunting seasons, but they last only a few months. This year, the adult gun season opens November 29 and runs through December 5, while archery season begins January 8 and runs until January 11 of the following year. This short season means you can’t hunt as much as you want.

To hunt in Ohio, you must buy a deer permit and a spring turkey permit. The spring turkey permit typically goes on sale in June. It allows you to hunt up to one antlered deer per season.


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People also ask - FAQ

Deer gun season begins on November 29th, but the more popular archery season starts in September. This time of year is from November 29th through December 31st.

Do I have permission to hunt on my land? Yes, but only if you have at least five (5) acres of property and a white-tail deer. When hunting on your land, you or your family members do not need a hunting license or deer permit from the state of Ohio. However, you will still need a Hudson hunting permit.

However, while feeding deer throughout the year is not encouraged, it is permissible in Ohio during state hunting seasons (see Ohio Department of Natural Resources laws for limits).

Outside of a division of wildlife-authorized controlled hunt, hunting or taking more than four deer per license year is illegal in Cuyahoga, Franklin, Hamilton, Lucas, and Summit counties with a deer permit or deer management permit.

When hunting or trapping on privately owned land in Ohio, landowners and their immediate family members do not need a hunting license, fur taker permit, either-sex deer permit, antlerless deer permit, a spring turkey permit, fall turkey permit, or Ohio Wetlands Habitat Stamp.

The use of deer bait is permitted in Ohio, but it is not often practiced due to the abundance of wild and farmed food sources available to the state's deer population.

Within 400 feet of any camping place, residence, barn, service building, shelter house, restroom, or other structure, as well as from or across any road or driveway, it is prohibited to take, hunt, kill, chase, or shoot any wildlife or wild animals by any method.

To answer your question, sure, you can hunt without leaving your house.

Registered. You'll need the landowner's permission to track or retrieve a deer on private property.

While it is not illegal to feed wild animals in Ohio, the ODNR's Division of Wildlife strongly advises against doing so. Feeding wild animals is not recommended because it can cause problems.

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