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Ohio Turkey Season 2021 22: There are various things to consider while hunting turkeys in Ohio. These include the Limit, Dates, Requirements, and more. Read on for more information. To get started, you can visit the Ohio Division of Wildlife website. To find out if turkey hunting is available in your area, visit the Ohio Division of Wildlife website. You can also check out the official hunting season dates. Here’s a quick guide to hunting turkeys in Ohio.

Ohio Turkey Season 2021 22 – Limit

The limit of the Ohio turkey season is one bearded bird per person. The spring season opens one-half hour before sunrise on April 23 and runs for five weekends until May 22. During this time, hunting days end at noon. The Ohio Wildlife Council is an eight-member board that approves the rules of the Division of Wildlife.

Meetings are open to the public. In the 1950s, turkeys were reintroduced in Ohio. The first modern turkey season covered nine counties and included 12 birds, but the harvest exceeded a thousand birds a year later. In 2000, spring gobbler hunting began statewide, and the limit was changed to two birds. The record spring harvest was 26,156 turkeys in 2001 and 1454 birds in 2021.

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The spring turkey season opened this year in Ohio, and hunters checked in 3,315 wild birds during the first two weekends. The average harvest during the first two days of previous seasons was 3,974 birds. The spring season has been open for ten days in the past two seasons. However, the limit has increased in recent years. Since the spring season opened in 2000, hunters have checked in more than 20,000 birds.


The spring and fall turkey seasons in Ohio have changed. This year, spring turkey hunting will take place from April 30 through May 29 in counties in the northeast zone. Hunting will be open from April 23 through May 22 in the rest of the state. These new restrictions are in response to recent declines in wild turkey populations. In two decades, the spring turkey harvest was the lowest, falling below 15,000 birds in 2021. These new restrictions will make hunting safer and more sustainable while protecting the environment.

The Ohio Division of Wildlife recently recommended a significant reduction to the state’s fall wild turkey hunting season. The new dates would have the bird’s opening time changed to a Saturday and close at sunset on April 30. Youth hunters in the state will need to have a turkey permit and youth hunting license to hunt turkey during this period. Approximately 14 500 wild turkeys were harvested in the spring season last year, so this reduction could help preserve the population.

Ohio Turkey Season 2021 22 – Requirements

The first hunting day of the spring wild turkey season in Ohio is one-half hour before sunrise on April 23. This season runs through five weekends until May 22. The final bag limit is two birds, but hunters can take more. A license and permit are required for turkey hunting. In addition, first-time hunters must take a state-approved hunter education course. It can be done online or in person. The rules for taking this course will vary depending on where you live.

Hunters must also purchase a license to enter a Turkey Permit Area (TPA) during the application process. These permits are not limited to specific counties and are issued by lottery. However, if you plan to hunt a gobbler on public land, you must purchase a permit. Turkey tags cost $40 per set of three, while licenses for youth hunters cost $50 each. Youth hunters are allowed to take one gobbler per day.

Limit of one bird

The current limit of one bird during the spring turkey season is far more liberal than it used to be. While many hunters still check two birds, that figure now stands for only one bird. Until September, the state’s wildlife division isn’t releasing complete statistics on the turkey population. In the meantime, the one-bird limit should remain in place for the spring 2022 season. The limit is not a big deal if you’re willing to limit yourself to a single bird.

The state allows hunters to take up to one bearded wild turkey during the spring hunting season. However, this number was previously doubled. Regardless of the new limit, the hunters must submit official documentation to prove their legal ownership. To do this, they must have a hunting license from another state or province and a certificate from a law enforcement officer. In some cases, the hunters will be allowed to hunt two bearded wild turkeys during the spring season, but the spring season is limited to one bird.

Requirements for youth hunters

The Ohio wildlife council has reduced the spring wild turkey season from two to one bearded bird. Although turkey numbers are down in many areas of the state, the spring statewide reproductive index recorded a positive turn last year. The statewide reproductive index was 3.1 poults per hen, well above the 10-year average of 2.7. There are also special hunts for youth and mentors, and the youth spring hunting season is available for the first time in 2022.

To participate in youth wild turkey hunting in Ohio, hunters must be at least eighteen years old and have a valid hunting license. The spring wild turkey hunting season in the northeast zone is April 30 through May 29. There is also a youth spring wild turkey hunt on April 9 and 10 in 2022, which is only open to people 17 years old and younger. During this time, hunters must adhere to all rules and regulations for adult wild turkey hunting.

Habitat shortage

The Ohio turkey population remains relatively healthy, but the recent depression in wild turkey numbers is attributed to low reproductive success. By providing quality habitat for wild turkeys, property owners can increase their chances of attracting the birds and increasing their nesting success. These species add value to the property; they also encourage songbirds, white-tailed deer, and cottontail rabbits to nest in their landscapes. As a bonus, providing habitat for this wildlife also encourages pollinators.

In Ohio, the wild turkey is found in all 88 counties. Though nearly extinct in the early 1900s, the species flourished due to restoration efforts. Unfortunately, several factors, including changing agricultural practices and unkempt landscapes, have resulted in a decline in reproductive success in some country areas. In these pockets, habitat improvement is critical to their continued survival. To protect and increase the wild turkey population in Ohio, landowners can improve the habitat for wild turkeys by enhancing habitat and removing obstacles that threaten the birds’ population.

ohio turkey season 2021
Ohio turkey season 2021

Ohio Turkey Season 2021

Ohio has changed its rules for the fall turkey hunting season. The state is no longer allowing hunters to kill two birds each. Instead, they can take a single bearded bird. The spring turkey hunting season begins one-half hour before sunrise on April 23 and ends at sundown on May 22. Last year’s season started on a Saturday instead of Monday, and the limit for gobblers was lowered to one.

The one-bird spring limit represents a 50% reduction from previous years. During the past couple of springs, Ohio turkey hunting has declined. The spring of 2019 and the spring of 2020 were particularly harsh on newly hatched birds, but this spring was more forgiving of poults. That means Ohio turkey hunters should encounter slightly higher numbers of 2-year-old gobblers and increased numbers of jakes in 2022.

The dates for Ohio turkey hunting vary depending on the unit group and hunt unit. In most areas, the season will begin on March 26 and end on May 1. Some places will open early and close later, while others will open later. Hunting licenses are required to take a turkey. Residents can buy a hunting license for $38 or a nonresident hunting license for $155 plus an additional $10 for a turkey tag.

The season is divided into five seven-day periods, with one fourteen-day period at the end of the season. Firearm hunters can only hunt during the first seven days of the season. During the entire season, archery hunters can go after turkeys. A calendar of events is available on the site. The most recent hunting regulations and harvest statistics are also general. Numerous exclusions exist from this rule. For example, if you are under 17 years old, the youth spring wild turkey season will be held April 9-10, 2022.

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The turkey season begins one-half hour before sunrise on April 23 in central Ohio and the rest of the state, except five northeastern counties, which lag by a week. Until May 1, the hunting day ends at noon.

The turkey season begins one-half hour before sunrise on April 23 in central Ohio and the rest of the state, except five northeastern counties, which lag by a week. Until May 1, the hunting day ends at noon.

Saturday, April 9, and Sunday, April 10, 2022, are the dates for Ohio's youth wild turkey hunting season. This year's spring hunting season in Ohio will be divided into two zones: a south zone, which will open on April 23, and a northeast zone, which will open at the end of the month.

Wild turkey season results for the fall of 2020 The second Saturday of October through the Sunday immediately following Thanksgiving is traditionally the start of Ohio's fall wild turkey season. From Oct. 10 to Nov. 29, 2020, the fall turkey season opened in 70 counties in the state of Ohio (Figure 1).

A prohibition on shooting a wild turkey in a tree should be added to prohibited activities. Maine prohibits it. It is illegal in many states. However, a large number of them do not. In 2021, on February 5,

Permits for fall turkeys are now available. COST OF PERMITS AND STAMPS Residents: $31.20; Nonresidents: $38.48 $16.00 for a Resident or Nonresidential Youth Permit Senior Permit: Only $12.00 for Residents!

Licensing Waivers To hunt or trap on land owned by a landowner, their spouses and children do not need a hunting license for any of the following activities: antlerless deer permit, spring or fall turkey permit, or Ohio Wetlands Habitat Stamp.

To hunt evening gobblers successfully, you must adapt your tactics and techniques to the birds' changing habits. Make Less Noise When Calling: Because turkeys make less noise at night, you'll want to adjust your blind calling accordingly.

One bearded wild turkey is allowed to be harvested during the spring hunting season. The automated game-check system can be accessed at wildohio.gov through the HuntFish OH app, by phone at 877-TAG-IT-OH (877-824-4864), or by a participating license; an agent must be completed no later than 11:30 p.m. on the day of harvest.

The lone wolf. On public land, you are limited to three.

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