Pa Doe License Availability (Updated information 2022)

PA Doe License Availability:  Pennsylvania is one of the few states with a different system of doe license availability than other states. In other states, there are more deer than hunters, and the hunting licenses are easier to obtain. In Pennsylvania, however, the deer are plentiful, but there are also many hunters. It can cause problems with doe license availability since the small number of doe licenses in the popular Wildlife Management Units sells out quickly. It may be best to keep the current system, but an alternative approach must be close to Pennsylvania’s current system.

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County Treasurers Association of Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Department of Game and Conservation (DG&C) allocates a specific number of doe licenses to the 23 Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) across the state. Each WMU is given a certain number of doe licenses based on its biologists’ goals. However, deer populations are not uniformly distributed across the state. Hunters apply for a doe license in the office of their county treasurer. Because these offices are the only entities permitted to sell rights to hunters, they distribute the same pool of tags and issue them on a first-processed basis.

The Game Commission has proposed making obtaining a doe license easier. The County Treasurers Association of Pennsylvania is a group of hunters who oppose the changes. Getting a permit for an antlerless doe costs $6.70, and seventy cents goes to a company that runs the electronic point of sales licensing system. The Game Commission collects the remaining $5. Treasurers receive $1 for each doe license sold, which is distributed among the counties yearly.

Allegheny County treasurers

Pennsylvania’s Game Commission has mandated county treasurers sell Pa Doe licenses and has resisted calls to change the rules. While officials have said the current licensing system works well, they have not sought to make the process easier by lobbying against the law. Commissioner Charlie Fox, for example, asked staff to look into whether there would be a way to sell doe licenses without mail-in applications.

Pa Doe License Availability
Pa Doe License Availability

The Pennsylvania Game Commission issues limited numbers of antlerless deer licenses to hunters. There are twenty-three Wildlife Management Units, each with a special allocation of permits. Each of these units is allocated a certain number of requests, and hunters apply by mailing applications using special pink envelopes. Each round of applications is limited to three, and applicants can mail up to three applications per round. Some units sell out in their first and third rounds.

Pennsylvania Game Commission

The Pennsylvania Game Commission license can be obtained from more than 900 issuing agents. The game commissions and 66 county treasurers issue permits throughout the year. More than 800 sporting goods stores handle licenses from July through January. Additionally, several out-of-state issuing agents serve nonresidents. Hunter-Trapper Education instructors provide a valuable service to new hunters by teaching them about safety, ethical decisions, and how to have a successful hunt.

In a press release, the Game Commission said it would continue to study deer hunting in Pennsylvania and the risks of CWD spreading to New York residents. The Game Commission will collect personal information on New York residents who hunt in Pennsylvania, including their age, address, phone number, and gender. However, there’s one caveat. It’s not clear whether the delay is related to the lack of public access. Some say that concurrent hunting of antlerless and antlered deer threatens deer populations. However, Phil Wagner says he doesn’t see a problem with that plan.

Availability of doe licenses

Despite the long waits for Pennsylvania antlerless deer licenses, some hunters can still obtain them. Although the state Game Commission is hoping to simplify the application process, the County Treasurers Association of Pennsylvania opposes this plan. Hunters have been mailing envelopes to obtain antlerless doe licenses for more than 40 years. In particular Wildlife Management Units and areas, the state sells hunting licenses for antlerless deer. Some hunters intend to resell the rights in sporting and department stores. Some people wish to streamline the procedure and make it simpler to get licenses.

The problem is that Pennsylvania has different hunting regulations than most other states. In other states, there are more deer than hunters, and the hunting license is easier to obtain. In Pennsylvania, however, the problem is that there are so many hunters and deer that the numbers of doe licenses are small. Many popular Wildlife Management Units sell out quickly, so the number of available permits is small. Until there is a more uniform system that allows hunting both antlerless deer, the current system must be maintained.

Pa Doe License Availability
Pa Doe License Availability

How to Get a PA Hunting License

If you’re a hunter in Pennsylvania, you need to have a valid pa hunting license to go out and enjoy the outdoors. However, there are a few things that you need to know before purchasing one. The first thing you need to do is make sure that you live in the state. If you don’t, you might need an additional permit. Read on to find out more. If you live in Pennsylvania, you’ll need a hunting license and other permits before going out hunting.

Pennsylvania hunting licenses go on sale on June 13, but you don’t need to wait until July 1 to purchase one. You can even get a doe license early if you plan to hunt for it in the fall! The first round of antlerless deer licenses is July 11, and nonresidents can purchase one on July 18. The second round of doe licenses goes on sale on Aug. 1. Then, you’ll have plenty of time to plan your hunt.

If you’re in the Armed Forces, the state’s Armed Forces Antlerless Deer License is available. This license is free for members of the Armed Forces. You don’t have to be stationed outside of Pennsylvania to qualify. Reserves and National Guard members are not eligible for this license. There are a few other unique options for getting your PA hunting license. They can apply at the Pennsylvania Game Commission website.


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925,000 deer-free A total of 925,000 antlerless deer licenses were made available by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, a slight decrease from the 932,000 licenses issued in 2020. Depending on the size of the deer population and the management objectives, the licenses are distributed among the Wildlife Management Units (WMUs).

June 13 Pennsylvania's hunting and trapping seasons for 2022–2023 are quickly approaching, and licenses will be available starting on June 13. To participate in some exciting action, you must purchase one. On July 1, a new licensing year begins.

Thirteen. HARRISBURG, PA By Monday, Sept. 13, when over-the-counter antlerless license sales start statewide, licenses should still be available in at least a half-dozen Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) even though 2021–22 antlerless deer licenses are sold out in several of the state's WMUs.

Availability of Doe Licenses For the license years 2021–2022, antlerless deer licenses will be available through

Only 34,296 of the 925,000 doe licenses the Pennsylvania Game Commission allocated for this hunting license year are available outside southern Pennsylvania's urbanized and suburbanized areas.

Demands for a license During the post-Christmas flintlock muzzleloader season, an antlerless deer may be taken with an unused, antlered deer harvest tag from a general hunting license.

Beginning on Monday, July 12, local hunters may apply for their initial antlerless deer license. A week later, on Monday, July 19, non-residents may begin submitting their initial applications. Hunters who submit applications ought to be aware that this year's fees for antlerless licenses have increased significantly.

Contrary to popular opinion, hunting on private property without a permit is illegal, even if it is uninhabited, unfenced, or posted. Without the landowner's consent, you are not permitted to hunt on private property in Pennsylvania. Although it is not necessary, written permission is recommended.

Online license purchases. The majority of general and supplemental licenses are offered via

June 14 The following year begins on July 1 and hunting and furtaker licenses for 2021–22 go on sale on Monday, June 14. Pennsylvania citizens must pay $20.97 for general hunting and permits, but non-residents must pay $101.97.

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