PA Pheasant Season ( Updated Guide 2022 )

How to Get on a Few Birds During PA Pheasant Season: Pheasant hunting is a traditional sport in Pennsylvania, and the two pheasant farms in the state are known for raising a large population of these birds. The birds are then released in 230 sites in 62 counties. However, hunting on Sundays is strictly prohibited. Nonetheless, many hunters get a few birds during pa pheasant season. Following are some tips for tracking in Pennsylvania:

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Getting on a few birds during pa pheasant season

If you want to get on a few birds during Pennsylvania pheasant season, you have to know when to go hunting. Pennsylvania’s pheasant season is between October 23 and November 26. It also includes two Sundays. Then, on December 13 and 24, the pheasant season will reopen. In February, hunters can get on a few birds once again.

The wildlife agency has been under financial problems for years and hasn’t been able to increase the price of licenses. That means that the pheasant program is going to be affected. The animals are vulnerable and easy prey for various predatory birds and mammals. Unfortunately, this means that most of the birds released will be roosters. The average pheasant release in the state is 52 percent male and 51 percent female.

In addition to a regular hunting license, a pheasant permit is required. The commission expects to sell 63,075 pheasant permits this year. These permits cost $19, but they may arise in the future due to rising program costs and the desire to improve the quality of the hunt. You can purchase your pheasant permit from a licensing agent or online.

Hunting on Sundays is illegal.

While hunting on Sundays is illegal during Pennsylvania pheasant season, Pennsylvania has made the process easier for hunters. A bill sponsored by Sen. Dan Laughlin of Erie has now been passed by the Pennsylvania Senate, making it legal to hunt on Sundays. Although it is not immediately effective, the bill will take effect in February 2020, after most of the 2019-20 hunting seasons.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has vowed to fight the law, which would allow hunters to hunt on Sundays. The organization is part of a coalition of hunting and conservation groups. The foundation says Sunday hunting in Pennsylvania could create eight thousand new jobs and inject $764 million into the state’s economy. However, the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau is opposed to the bill. It is important to note that the legislation passed by the Senate was not unanimous.

However, the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries says that Sunday hunting is not illegal during pa pheasant seasons, but other species like deer and bear will remain off-limits. This law only applies to hunting in licensed areas and does not affect other animals such as raccoons and foxes. However, it does allow hunting on Sundays on public lands, including lands owned by public entities.

Getting on a few birds during chukar season

If you’re looking to get on a few birds during pa penny season, you should know that Pennsylvania has three different stocking dates throughout the year. Each of these dates is different, but the locations are all located in the state. The Pennsylvania Department of Natural Resources releases pheasants in other areas of the state on approximately the exact dates. To find these sites, look for yellow “pheasant release” signs. Make sure to get your permit before heading out into the woods.

Pennsylvania is home to about two million ring-necked pheasants. That’s a lot of birds, and those numbers are still growing. However, the state’s pheasant stocks are at half their peak numbers from 1983. That’s because declining interest in pheasant hunting resulted in reduced funds for the agency.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has closed two farms and is now buying chicks from a commercial breeder near Harrisburg. The pheasants are “blue strain,” slate blue on the back. They’re also wearing specs and bits to help you identify them. You can find some that have been beaked, but they have since grown their beaks back.

PA Pheasant Season
PA Pheasant Season

PA Pheasant Season 2022

Pennsylvania hunters will have more opportunities to fill their roosts when the pheasant season begins in 2022. Pennsylvania’s two pheasant farms are releasing the birds in 230 different locations throughout 62 of the state’s counties. These conservation efforts support the state’s long-standing tradition of pheasant hunting. However, critics of the program point out that all license buyers support the put-and-take pheasant hunt. In Pennsylvania, pheasant farming is part of the tradition.

The commission issued 63,075 free junior pheasant hunting permits, up 30 percent from the previous year. Permit buyers surveyed by the commission said they were satisfied with pheasant hunting in Pennsylvania and the commission’s pheasant program. Nearly seventy percent of permit buyers said they support the pheasant hunter permit.

The 2022 pheasant hunting season in Pennsylvania will begin July 1. It will be the same as previous years, except for an increased number of bull elk tags and seven weeks of archery deer hunting after Thanksgiving. It will also include more stocked pheasants than any other state in the northeast. Additionally, the license prices will stay the same as in the past, making it an excellent opportunity for hunters to catch a trophy.

When hunting for pheasants in Pennsylvania, hunters should check out the regulations. For instance, there is a daily limit for bears. If you plan to take more than two spring gobblers during the season, you may want to consider buying a special wild turkey license. Remember that the hunting hours are half an hour before sunrise and half an hour after sunset. If you are looking for another species, look for a WMU that does not include bears.


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Except for foxes, ravens, and coyotes, Sunday hunting is prohibited. The species seasons below also feature other exclusions.

On Saturday, October 23, 2021, Pennsylvania's pheasant hunting season begins. November 14 and 21 are the first two Sundays of the season, continuing until November 26. Returning on December 13, the season continues through December 24.

Any adult or senior hunter, resident or nonresident, who hunts pheasants must also have a pheasant permit and a regular hunting license. Pheasant hunting is not subject to a junior hunter's approval. While pheasant hunting, the $26.90 ticket must be carried and signed.

Adult Pheasant Permit ($26.97): This permit is available to non-residents and adult and senior residents with valid hunting licenses who wish to hunt pheasants during the pheasant season. Each licensing year is limited to one key, and if the first license we're lost, a replacement license would be required.

Using lead shots or shotshells loaded with images of an unapproved composition or alloy or one with a cartridge length not authorized by the Director of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service or a designated representative is prohibited when hunting for or taking migratory waterfowl in this Commonwealth, according to 50 CFR.

Any individual who is qualified to hunt or take furbearers on these properties without obtaining the necessary license may also, with the owner's or lessee's written consent, hunt or take game or wildlife on any other lands, aside from those that are publicly held and that are connected to the lands.

Male and female pheasants are legal to take in all WMUs for the 2022–23 seasons and bag limits. Except for the Central Susquehanna Wild Pheasant Recovery Area, which is permitted by executive order, there is no open season for hunting pheasants in wild pheasant recovery areas.

Additional Birds to Hunt in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania also has a season for starlings in addition to crows. English sparrows and European starlings are not subject to a Pennsylvania harvest cap or closed season. It does not apply only during the deer season, both with and without antlers.

All hunters must have a draw-issued permit, a current California hunting license, a recent Harvest Information Program (HIP) Validation, and a current upland game bird Validation for non-junior hunters. The morning hunt will require a permit.

Through its Hunter Access Program, the Pennsylvania Game Commission collaborates with private landowners to offer public hunting opportunities in addition to the millions of public land acres accessible to hunters throughout the state.

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